November Fashionista of the Month: Aya Khaled


Aya is a 24-year-old fashionista with a vivacious personality to match. Aya sees her style as one that has undoubtedly evolved over the years, as any girl's style tends to grow and change. Aya believes that every girl should embrace her own style and let her personality shine through her clothes: "You shouldn't just go out and shop for the latest trends. You should make sure that your style is actually YOUR style."


   September Fashionista of the Month: Nariman Ashour


Nariman is a 23-year-old Associate Inventory Analyst by day, fashion fanatic by night. She loves experimenting with different styles and seeing how different trends can work with her veil. She shares with The Cairo Closet her thoughts on fashion: "It's not about the amount of clothes you buy. It's about who you are, how unique you are and just how much courage it takes to show it with confidence!"

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