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While the word "makeover"is said to have positive connotation and is supposed to make you look and feel refreshingly new, the word also has the ability to give us a bit of a panic attack. Many times, we want to change up our look, but the thought of a drastic haircut or a new hair color gives us the heebie-jeebies. Watching those beautiful locks fall to the floor at the hair salon has brought countless girls to tears (and no, we're not exaggerating for dramatic effect - actual tears have been spotted next to those said locks.)

Now that we've all admitted to crying over our hair at one point or another (it's okay, we're all guilty of it), get ready to wipe those tears, ladies. This season, try some of these subtle (and not-tear-inducing) makeover tips to help you change your look without the drastic commitment.


Makeover Tip No. 1: Bangs

If you don't want to commit to an extreme cut but still want to change the way your hair falls around your face, try a classic fringe (cut fairly straight just above the eyebrows) or side-swept bangs. No matter which type you choose, bangs will instantly frame your face and give you a completely new look. And the best part is you can simply pin your bangs back if you want to go a day without them or leave them to grow back out if you just want to try them out for a short while. 


Makeover Tip No. 2: Faux Bob

Fool everyone into thinking you actually did get an extreme makeover by mastering the art of the faux bob. Simply pull your hair back into a low ponytail using a sock bun, leaving your bangs and any shorter layers untied and loose. Tuck the ponytail and the sock bun underneath the part of the hair above the sock bun. Pin the ends under the sock bun with bobby pins and voila! You have yourself a brand new "haircut!"

(Note: If you don't have a sock bun handy, you can use a normal elastic, but you will need to tease your hair and use plenty of hairspray to get the same voluminous look.)



Makeover Tip No. 3: Bolder Brows

Probably one of the easiest, yet vastly transforming things you can do to change your look is to go bolder with your eyebrows.Natural is always preferred, so you can apply castor oil every night to your eyebrows to grow them in. Meanwhile, try using an eyebrow filler or eyebrow pencil to fill in those gaps and create more shapely brows. Try it first on one side of your face and just look at the difference it makes!

Makeover Tip No. 4: Change Your Part and/or Add Some Layers

Another trick to change up your hair without doing anything that you might later regret is to simply change your part and/or add some layers. While changing your part may seem too simple of a task to be considered a makeover, you'd be surprised at the different angles of your face you can reveal with this little trick. And if that's not enough, have your hair stylist add layers to your hair   without   taking away significant length. If done correctly, this will add volume and shape to your hair that will have everyone throwing you compliments left and right!

Makeover Tip No. 5: Go Bolder With Makeup 

For an obvious and zero-commitment makeover, try going bolder with your makeup. Experiment with different eye liner techniques, try bold lip colors, highlight and contour,try more voluminous lashes - the sky's the limit. Something as simple as lining your eyes differently or trying a bold red lip can take your look from plain to va-va-voom in an instant – just look at Taylor's transformation!


Makeover Tip No. 6: Go One Shade Lighter/Darker or Try Ombré Hair

For a hair color change that is not-so-extreme, try going only one shade lighter or one shade darker than your natural hair color. While this is in no way a drastic change, going from one shade to another can completely transform your appearance and make your eye color pop. Or, for an even lower-maintenance change to your hair, you can try the ombré effect by only changing the color of the ends of your hair. This will not only completely change your look, but it is a change that does not require constant up-keep since you will not have to worry about re-doing your roots.



Try any one (or a combination) of these subtle makeover techniques and watch yourself transform right before your own eyes – just in time for the New Year!  Video tutorials on these looks coming soon!

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