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 One thing that seems to not be going out of style anytime soon is the good old maxi dress/skirt. Low on skin, high on style – maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for the modest fashionista this Winter! What's even better is there are many ways to wear and style this on-going trend. Keep reading for ideas on how to incorporate the maxi dress/skirt into your wardrobe in these upcoming cooler months!


 Belted Maxi Dress

Take that old maxi dress out of the back of your closet, throw a belt on it, put on a pair of cowboy boots, and you're out the door! Adding a belt to a long dress will help define your waist and give your outfit the extra oomph that it needs! Done right, this look is often the perfect mix of femininity and modesty.


Vibrant Color

While we're still in the transition phase between Summer and Winter, take this time to throw in one last summery ensemble (while still keeping warm.) Instantly get that California girl look by wearing your maxi skirt in a fun, vibrant color. Opt for a soft, flowing fabric for your vibrant skirt and keep everything else neutral to complete your beachy look.



Bold Print


Who says dressing modestly means wearing plain and boring pieces? Kick your outfit up a notch by wearing your maxi dress or skirt in a fun pattern! Go for a bohemian-style maxi skirt paired with a tucked-in tee (and maybe a cardigan for chillier nights) for a simple boho-chic look. Or, go for a dress in horizontal or chevron stripes, making sure to play-down everything else.

Prim and Proper

In the event of having to throw together a more formal outfit for this Winter, opting for a pleated maxi skirt or a maxi dress with a chiffon overlay will definitely get the job done.    

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