By: The Cairo Closet | October 20, 2013

Over here, our number one motto is: simplicity is key. Apply that to the way you dress and you're golden! While we do have a deep love for statement pieces, embellishments, and bold colors, we are believers that such pieces should be worn wisely. For instance, would we wear a leopard print cardigan? Yes. Would we wear printed slouchy pants? Yes. Would we wear a leopard print cardigan with printed slouchy pants? Negative! And if you have ever done so, please give yourself a slap on the wrist on our behalf.

This little formula summarizes our thoughts on the perfect outfit:

An outfit generally consists of three main elements: your basic, an interest piece, and a completer. The basic piece is just that - basic. This piece is usually something that is a wardrobe staple and is very simple, like a plain tee or a tank top. The interest piece is the star of the show. An interest piece can be a number of articles, from patterned scarfs to bold tops to statement jewelry (and so many others!) This is the piece you want to show off, and it usually does that on its own, given that it usually encompasses color, pattern, shine, or an interesting texture. This is why we make sure to play down other parts of the outfit when wearing an interest piece. Finally, we have a completer. This piece is what pulls the whole outfit together when you feel that it is missing something. This can be a jacket, cardigan, belt, etc.

Let's take this outfit for example. Basic piece? Check. Interest piece? Check. Completer? Check.

The floral print pants are clearly the star of the show here, so she plays the rest of the outfit down by pairing the pants with a basic black top and completing her look with a blazer. We give this outfit a gold star for following the formula!

Keep this simple little rule in mind when picking out your outfit in the morning or when you're shopping for a new ensemble, and you'll find yourself saving your time and energy! And, not to mention, you'll be effortlessly creating a chic and stylish look!

Let us know your thoughts on the Fashion Formula!

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