By: The Cairo Closet | October 12, 2013

Eid is here! And that means not only stuffing ourselves with all the Fata we can handle, but it means friends and family gatherings left and right! Whether you are spending the holiday outside of Cairo or prefer to hang back in the city to enjoy its beautiful emptiness during this time of year, you are probably going to attend your fair share of family dinners, gatherings with friends, holiday parties - you name it.

With your social calendar at its peak, there are multiple opportunities to play around and experiment with different looks. We've gathered some of our favorite makeup looks of the season that we are personally inspired to try out this Eid.

We hope you're just as inspired as we are to try something new this holiday! Don't be afraid to experiment with any (or ALL) of these looks for Eid. And don't forget to let us know which look worked best for you!

We wish our lovely readers a joyous Eid!

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