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How many times did you change your outfit today before finally deciding, "This is the one?" Once? Twice?By the third outfit change, you were probably starting to justify the borderline-OCD behavior by telling yourself that it's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

No judgment here. It's not always easy to get the look right the first time around. And, unfortunately for us,our self-proclaimed awesome personalities aren't always noticed straightaway. Sometimes you have to let your outfit "speak" for you.

In this"How-To," we'll be taking two basic wardrobe staples every girl has – a simple black tee and dark skinny jeans – and showing you how to turn them into a look that will help you showcase your unique personality. You'll learn about the small things you can do to take a plain and simple outfit and turn it into your own personal fashion statement!



Statement: Country-Chic

Possibly one of the easiest and most comfortable statement looks to achieve is the country look. Layer a flannel shirt over your black tee, pair with your dark jeans, and voilà! Add your own personal touch by styling with accessories of your choosing, like the hat and ankle boots pictured in this look. For even more Western flair, trade in the ankle heels for a pair of cowboy boots – a look Taylor Swift would certainly approve of!



Statement: Laid-Back Elegance

Some girls  lean towards the laid-back country look (i.e.: flannel shirts and cowboy boots),some girls prefer a more classic elegance, and some of us are just in between. To achieve the perfect mix of elegance and laid-back country, take your simple black tee and dark jeans combo and pair them with some mid-calf boots, a fitted blazer of your choice, and a belt. For an extra touch of old sophistication,opt for a classic print when choosing the blazer, like a houndstooth pattern or tartan plaid.




Statement: Bold & Edgy

Turn your plain black tee and dark jeans into an edgy and bold look instantly – with the help of a few simple accessories! Achieving this look can be as easy as adding a bold-print scarf and some statement jewelry. In this photographed look, I opted for a leopard print scarf, a skull ring and a snake ring for my accessories – all from H&M. If you feel like the look is incomplete, try adding a jacket with some embellishment, like the studded jacket pictured here.


Statement: Feminine& Vibrant

For a more feminine, yet vibrant look, layer a sheer blouse over your tee – you can wear it open or closed. I opted for an open blouse over my tee for a less formal overall look. Finish off your ensemble by adding a pop of color. I chose a pair of mint green heels to make the look more fun – and also, because who doesn't love mint green? You could also add that touch of color by accessorizing with a fun statement necklace or a vibrant clutch!     


These are just four of many looks you can put together using your black t-shirt and jeans. You can style this simple outfit using anything your heart desires. Sequins,embellishments, leopard prints, classic patterns, anti-gravity heels, fun hats,bold jewelry, combat boots – the options are endless! 

Take advantage of the fact that you live in a time and age where there are countless ways to incorporate your personal style into your look and let your outfit make whatever statement you choose. Experiment with different pieces and accessories. Let your inner self shine through your look. And, most importantly, have fun and be creative!

Which of these looks is your favorite?

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