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With the new season underway, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest trends and staying up-to-date. And we know how challenging it is trying to pick out what is wearable in Cairo from all of the over-the-top looks that are seen on the runway and in magazines. That's why we've taken the time to gather this season's most wearable trends that you could easily incorporate into your wardrobe this season. Ready? Here we go!

Trend No.1: White

Making a very strong impression on the runway for Fall 2013 is head-to-toe white. What's great about this trend is that it can be assembled at any price and can be worn from season to season.

Trend No.2: Statement Outerwear

While many designers opted for statement outwear with major volume, bold colors, and crazy textures for their Fall 2013 runway shows, you can easily find toned-down versions of these statement outerwear pieces that are wearable in Cairo. Invest in a fur vest, a leather jacket, or a fabulous trench coat this season and be on-trend without looking over-the-top. 

Trend No.3: Hats

Kate Spade, Tracy Reese, and many other designers had an abundance of hats present at their Fall 2013 shows. Try incorporating fedoras, floppy knits, and beanies in your Fall wardrobe this year!

Trend No.4: Classic Prints

Whether it's checkered, tartan, or houndstooth, classic prints are making a huge comeback this Fall. Rock these classics in dresses, trousers, jackets - anything your heart desires.


Trend No.5: Green

Spotted all over the runway for Fall was the color green. With a variety of hues to choose from(emerald, army, mint, etc.), there is a shade to suit every skin tone and personal style. There are multiple ways of incorporating this trend into your wardrobe, whether it's through your clothing pieces or through your accessories.

Trend No.6: Peplum

The peplum trend isn't going away just yet. Whether it's dresses, shirts, or skirts, peplums can be very flattering - just as long as you find the right peplum for your shape. 

Trend No.7: Leather

Get yourself a leather jacket, leather pants, or even a leather top this season. Style your leather pieces right, and your outfit can be edgy, yet highly feminine. Just be sure to wear only one leather piece at a time - or you might find yourself looking like you belong in a biker gang.

Trend No.8: Over-the-Knee Boots

A major trend this Fall is the over-the-knee boot. If worn correctly, these boots give you an instantly chic and modern look. We personally love this trend for Fall! 

Trend No.9: Turtle Necks

Many designers opted for turtlenecks as their basics on the runway. Highly versatile and always chic, turtlenecks are definitely a needed staple in your wardrobe this season. Audrey Hepburn would certainly approve of the turtleneck trend this Fall.

Trend No.10: Slouchy Pants

This Fall's must-have trousers are narrow at the ankles, high on the waist, and loose on the hips. Pair with a great pair of heels and a simple top and you are good to go.

Trend No.11: Rounded Shoulders

Whether it's a top, a sweater, or a dress, rounded shoulders are a trend you can adapt to very easily. Ever-feminine and fashion-forward, this is a look we love. 

Remember, whatever trend you are following this season, have fun with it and make it your own! 

Which Fall 2013 trend is your favorite? 

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