By: The Cairo Closet | December 21, 2013

For our newest DIY endeavor, we're making an always-chic drape vest that doubles as a scarf. This DIY project is so easy, you'll probably find yourself making more than one of these cute pieces!

What you'll need:

  1. A large t-shirt (preferably one made with a thicker fabric)
  2. A pair of scissors


  1. Lay t-shirt on flat surface
  2. Cut around the collar
  3. Cut off the sleeves
  4. Cut down each side of the t-shirt

That's it! It's really as simple as just 5 cuts. Wear this as a drape vest or use it as a scarf to keep warm this cold winter! Try it out and tell us your comments below!

Photos courtesy of WobiSobi.

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