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Picture this: It’s Thursday morning, you have a meeting with your boss in an hour, your cousin’s outdoor engagement party the next morning, and, last but not least, your best friend’s wedding the following evening! Oh, and did I mention, you’re a bridesmaid at said wedding?

Now, take a deep breath. We've all been through our share of hectic schedules. But we can all agree that being confident and comfortable in how you look is half the battle. And when you have such a diverse set of occasions on your plate, it’s a challenge finding just the right look to suit each individual setting.

With this guide, you’ll have one less thing to worry about – cracking those dress codes.


It’s 8 am and you’re getting ready for your big meeting. You've narrowed down the options to your new orange blazer and white trousers or a black pencil skirt and dark blue top. Which do you choose? Here’s a hint: when putting together an outfit for an important work event, a general rule of thumb is to avoid bright, distracting colors. Shunning away from choices like neon blazers and opting for more subtle (and, if possible, neutral) looks for the office tend to add to the overall impression of being a self-established, mature woman. So put on that pencil skirt and blue top and get ready to impress!


Now, you’re back at home basking in the glory of your fruitful meeting and getting your outfit ready for your cousin’s engagement party she’s having at an outdoor venue. The good news here is an outdoor event allows for a slightly more laid-back spin on the classic formal outfit. Think formal, but comfortable. Remember, you’ll be in an open-air venue, which means a little more exposure to the warm Cairo sun than you’re typically used to at engagements and weddings. For a morning open-air engagement, stick to light, flowing fabrics that allow a lot of room for movement. 

Think about which colors look best in natural lighting and what kind of fit would make you the most comfortable in the warmer air. And of course, with less pressure for formality than that of a wedding, here is your chance to have fun and be creative. A knee-length dress, cinched slightly at the waist, in a soft, green pastel is my choice for this kind of occasion.

Fast-forward to later that evening and you’re getting ready for none other than your best friend’s big day! As a bridesmaid, many eyes will be on you throughout the night and you want to make sure you are feeling put-together, poised, and picturesque. If  (and that’s a big “if”) the bride gives you the freedom to pick out your own dress, be sure to follow two key rules:


  1. Avoid bright colors or bold prints,as they tend not photograph well in artificial lighting.    
  2. Wear something that is complimentary to the other bridesmaids’ dresses and the overall theme of the wedding.

The tradition of bridesmaids sticking to pastel colors is dead and gone. Turn heads in a royal blue gown or try a form-fitting champagne dress with a subtle sparkle for the big day. The sky   The bride’s opinion is the limit!


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