By: The Cairo Closet | October 04, 2013

As much as we would love to claim that we wake up looking picture perfect, we all know the dark truth - literally. If you're like us, you've waged a war against dark under-eye circles and cannot seem to win. You've probably tried everything from quick-fix concealers to hide those dark circles to various eye creams that promise to make those circles disappear, and nothing really works. Until now.

We have the formula that will have you winning this all-consuming battle against those vicious dark circles! And here it is:

First thing is first: Water, water, water! We cannot stress this enough. Our skin needs constant moisture in order for it to remain healthy and give off that natural glow. And because the skin around your eyes is the thinnest, it is the most affected by the amount of fluid going in your body. Along with increasing your intake of water, you should work to decrease your intake of salty foods. Excess salt causes unwanted fluid retention around your eyes, causing that highly undesired puffy effect.

Second, make sure you are not only getting enough sleep, but that you are also sleeping correctly. What do we mean by sleeping correctly? Well, believe it or not, the position you sleep in actually affects how your eyes will look in the morning. Sleeping on your stomach will cause fluid to build up under your eyes and the veins underneath that very thin layer of skin will start to dilate, causing your lower lids to look dark and puffy. Many doctors suggest getting in the habit of sleeping on your back and perhaps adding an extra pillow under your head.

Last, but definitely not least, we recommend applying Garnier's Anti-Dark Circle Roll-On as a daily treatment for dark circles and puffiness. This little product is our beauty pick of the month for several reasons. Among the ingredients in this treatment are caffeine and lemon extract. The caffeine works to stimulate circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, bringing down that puffiness you see under your eyes. The lemon extract has natural bleaching properties due to it containing elements such as citric acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, and Vitamin C. The benefits of caffeine and lemon extract are integrated into one product to work together in decreasing both the puffiness and the dark color that develop under your eyes.

Along with Garnier's Anti-Dark Circle Roll-On being a long-term treatment for your eye troubles, the folks at Garnier have also added pigment agents that help to slightly conceal your dark circles. And while we are not believers that this product should be used as a concealer (we think of this product as a treatment), it's nice to know that we can not only treat our dark circles with this product, but can hide them a little, as well!

What are you waiting for? Pick up this little product at your nearest Carrefour or Seoudi and let us know what you thought of it!

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