By: The Cairo Closet | November 08, 2013

Lately, we've been on the hunt for a product that would tackle a huge issue that many of us seem to be facing: hair loss. And we believe we've found it.

The product: Natur Vital Hair Loss Tonic Treatment

The result: Much fewer hairs falling out on a daily basis!

Just like most of you reading this blog entry, we've tried numerous products to try to combat our hair loss. From oil treatments to anti hair loss shampoos to different medications - we've tried it all. And so far, this little tonic seems to be doing what it promises! This tonic contains germinating wheat, soybean and ginseng extract. It also contains panthenol, Vitamin A, B3, B7, E, F, and H. All of these elements, as the package states, work to combat hair loss, strengthen your hair, and hydrate the scalp.

After about a month of applying this product 3-4 times a week, we have noticed a significant decrease in the number of hairs that we find on the floor. Just be sure to apply it directly to the scalp and massage it well in order to make sure it is properly absorbed. 

One negative result we did find is how stiff and slightly unmanageable the hair becomes after applying it when the hair is wet. However, we think that's a small price to pay for preventing hair loss! We've found that you can avoid this stiffness if you apply the tonic to your hair when it is dry, though we are not sure if the long-term effect would be the same. If you try applying this to your hair regularly when it is dry, we would love to know your results! 

You can find Natur Vital Hair Loss Tonic Treatment at your nearest Ezaby Pharmacy for 120 EGP. And don't forget: drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet along with this tonic treatment if you want to see any results!

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