By: The Cairo Closet | January 31, 2014

Along with many other trials this month, I decided to try Schwarzkopf's new Gliss Ultimate Oil Elixir shampoo, conditioner, and mask. And while I am not completely in love with the mask (I prefer the Gliss Oil Nutritive Mask over this one), I absolutely loved the shampoo and conditioner in this new range from Schwarzkopf.

As a quick note, while I do in fact work for the company, any opinion I give in this blog is completely my own and is not influenced in any way. Every month's beauty pick is chosen after careful consideration and evaluation of any beauty products used throughout the month in order to give our readers an honest and reliable opinion.

That being said, let's get to it. This new range is said to be especially made for brittle hair, enriched with Argan oil and liquid keratin. And since Argan oil is not cheap, the amount of Argan oil this new range contains is quite impressive, given that Schwarzkopf kept the
Ultimate Oil Elixir range at the same price points as the rest of their Gliss portfolio.

In using these products, I noted several things. The first (and the most obvious) is the visible sheen or glitter-like aspect of these products. While the company refers to this shiny aspect as "liquid gold particles," I was a bit worried that this would leave build-up in my hair and would leave it feeling dry. I found, however, that this was the case only with the mask. As for the shampoo and conditioner, the formula was very lightweight, caused no build-up, and left my hair feeling very moisturized.

Close-Up of Shampoo's "Golden Particles"

In the above photo, the gold-like particles are quite visible, especially around the edges of the swatch. This unique aspect, as well as the fact that these products smell absolutely incredible, are both factors that make the use of this shampoo and conditioner feel like a luxurious experience.  

Along with these products being quite lightweight and giving the user a feeling of luxury, perhaps the most important thing to note was how silky my hair was left after using the conditioner. I simply applied it after using the shampoo and left it in for a good 5 minutes. I massaged my scalp softly as I washed it out and simply could not keep my hands off of my hair afterwards - it was beautifully soft and silky!

It is important to note that results vary along with different hair types. My results are based on the fact that my hair is naturally curly and is a bit on the oily side as of late. I've asked girls with different hair types about their experience with this range, and it is worth noting that girls with dry hair were really impressed with the results of the whole range (including the mask.) 

The new Gliss Ultimate Oil Elixir range can be found at your nearest hypermarket, most pharmacies, and many smaller shops. The shampoo and conditioner are sold at 29.75 EGP (or cheaper at larger chains like Carrefour), while the mask runs at around 53 EGP. 

Keep your hair type in mind and give this range a try! And don't forget to let us know what you think!

Author: Maha Abdel-Latif, Founder of The Cairo Closet

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