By: The Cairo Closet | December 06, 2013

This month's beauty pick once again focuses on something we hold very dear to us: our hair. Last month, we shared the product we recommend for reducing hair loss. December's beauty pick takes hair care a step further. We not only want our hair to not fall out, but we also have been on the search for a product that would keep hair soft, manageable, and healthy-looking. Is that too much to ask? We don't think so! And neither do the people at Dove!

The product:  Dove Damage Therapy Daily Treatment Conditioner

The result: Extremely soft, nourished, and manageable hair!

We simply cannot say enough about this product. After just one use, our hair was left feeling soft, shiny, and manageable! After multiple uses, hair was noticeably shinier and full of life! And to top it all off, it leaves your hair smelling incredible! 

The reasons behind the amazing effects of this product are twofold: Dove has incorporated both a treatment to deeply moisturize dry and damaged areas, as well as a conditioner with micro moisture serum that effectively nourishes hair and seals lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage.

The best part of this product is that it acts as both a conditioner and a treatment mask. No need to buy both! Simply massage the product into your hair (with special attention to your hair tips) after shampooing and rinse out after 3 to 5 minutes.  You can find Dove Dry Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner at Samir William for only 28 EGP! 

Pick up yours now and tell us your results!

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